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Robolt Super Family [30 Fonts]

Robolt Super Family [30 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Robolt:

It starts with the idea that different things can be mixed infinitely. Robolt comprises four designs with multiple options to add variety and playfulness. Battery and Machine have a retro touch which reminds one of toy labels from the 80’s while Vintage is rendered a Didot style with different textures to choose. Streamlined Handdrawn style is nicely put in contrast with the solid types.

Elements are also available to complement the letters.

The set is made up of 29 letters of four families to serve your creativity.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

  1. Robolt x Battery Acid
  2. Robolt x Battery Carbon
  3. Robolt x Battery Hand100v
  4. Robolt x Battery Hand200v
  5. Robolt x Battery Hand300v
  6. Robolt x Battery Oxide200v
  7. Robolt x Battery Oxide300v
  8. Robolt x Battery Rust200v
  9. Robolt x Battery Rust300v
  10. Robolt x Battery100v
  11. Robolt x Battery200v
  12. Robolt x Battery300v
  13. Robolt X Element
  14. Robolt x Hand Bold
  15. Robolt x Hand Bold Italic
  16. Robolt x Hand Italic
  17. Robolt x Hand Light
  18. Robolt x Hand Light Italic
  19. Robolt x Hand Regular
  20. Robolt x Machine Bar
  21. Robolt x Machine Cutting
  22. Robolt x Machine Press
  23. Robolt x Machine100
  24. Robolt x Machine200
  25. Robolt x Machine300
  26. Robolt x Vintage
  27. Robolt x Vintage Line
  28. Robolt x Vintage Outline
  29. Robolt x Vintage Rust
  30. Robolt x Vintage Wood

Normal Price:

– – – >Robolt is a Super Family that normally costs $225 to purchase < – – –

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