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RRollie [14 Fonts]

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About RRollie:

RRollie is a typeface family inspired on the proportions of the Roman capital in the Augusto’s age, some of them can be seen in inscriptions of Pompeii; in this particular case, it has taken an inscription from a tomb of the year 15 AD. The subtlety of the serif is hardly insinuates, helping to strut the terminals of the stems. Ascenders and descenders are very short. The thickness variation is presented quite delicate, highlighting the light-dark passage and even the agile counterblocks of the typeface. These fonts can be used in many kind of graphic works by its strong personality, visual impact and readability.

This font family include OpenType features: Standard and discretionary ligatures, small caps, case sensitive from, old style figures, tabular, diacritics for western languages and many others.

Roberto Rollie (1935-2003) was an outstanding professional of Graphic Design, Photography and Visual Artist. He was involved in the creation of the career of Visual Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts (National University of La Plata, Argentina), in the late ’60s; he was a pioneer and great teacher too, who loved the Roman Capitals for its subtle and balanced design, especially for high readability and clever design. Those who, like me, knew him as a person and teacher, we are deeply grateful for having received their warmth and enthusiasm for graphic design.

Fonts Included:

  1. RRollie Black
  2. RRollie Black Italic
  3. RRollie Bold
  4. RRollie Bold Italic
  5. RRollie Heavy
  6. RRollie Heavy Italic
  7. RRollie Italic
  8. RRollie Light
  9. RRollie Light Italic
  10. RRollie Regular
  11. RRollie SemiBold
  12. RRollie SemiBold Italic
  13. RRollie Thin
  14. RRollie Thin Italic

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