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Sancoale Slab Super Family [36 Fonts]

Sancoale Slab Super Family [36 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Sancoale Slab Super Family [36 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

The contemporary feel of the Sancoale superfamily takes a bolder turn with this futuristic slab. Built from Sancoale’s successfully simple geometry, Slab’s serif elements and tall x-height give the face an energetic, yet clean figure that easily complements its cousins: Sancoale Softened–a sans with blunted terminals; Sancoale Narrow; and, of course, the original Sancoale itself. The weights of each member have been balanced carefully to ensure compatibility with the others, and when used together, the combination creates a powerful design that is easy to identify.

With weights ranging from the classier Thin to the authoritative Black, Slab opens the door to a range of applications. Used in different text sizes, its tech image is legible and neutral enough for longer bodies of copy–both in print and on the web. Have a more prominent need? The web font also stands out well in a headline or even as a display face. Slabís great personality puts a strong foot forward without giving its reader a kick in the teeth. Whatever the task, this font’s one to capture the Zeitgeist into your work.

All Insigne fonts are fully loaded with OpenType features. Sancoale Slab is also equipped for complex professional typography, including alternates with stems, small caps and plenty of alts, including “normalized” capitals and lowercase letters. The face includes a number of numeral sets, including fractions, old-style and lining figures with superiors and inferiors. OpenType-capable applications such as Quark or the Adobe suite can take full advantage of automatically replacing ligatures and alternates. You can find these features demonstrated in the .pdf brochure. Included are small caps, fractions, old-style and lining numbers, scientific superior/inferior figures, complete ordinal and inferior alphabet, and a set of symbols and arrows.

The Sancoale family also includes the glyphs to support a wide range of languages, including Central, Eastern and Western European languages. In all, Sancoale Slab supports over 40 languages that use the extended Latin script, making the new addition a great choice for multi-lingual publications and packaging.

Fonts Included:

Sancoale Slab Thin
Sancoale Slab Thin Italic
Sancoale Slab Light
Sancoale Slab Light Italic
Sancoale Slab
Sancoale Slab Italic
Sancoale Slab Medium
Sancoale Slab Medium Italic
Sancoale Slab Bold
Sancoale Slab Bold Italic
Sancoale Slab Black
Sancoale Slab Black Italic
Sancoale Slab Cond Thin
Sancoale Slab Cond Thin Italic
Sancoale Slab Cond Light
Sancoale Slab Cond Light Italic
Sancoale Slab Cond
Sancoale Slab Cond Italic
Sancoale Slab Cond Medium
Sancoale Slab Cond Medium Italic
Sancoale Slab Cond Bold
Sancoale Slab Cond Bold Italic
Sancoale Slab Cond Black
Sancoale Slab Cond Black Italic
Sancoale Slab Ext Thin
Sancoale Slab Ext Thin Italic
Sancoale Slab Ext Light
Sancoale Slab Ext Light Italic
Sancoale Slab Ext
Sancoale Slab Ext Italic
Sancoale Slab Ext Medium
Sancoale Slab Ext Medium Italic
Sancoale Slab Ext Bold
Sancoale Slab Ext Bold Italic
Sancoale Slab Ext Black
Sancoale Slab Ext Black Italic


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Sancoale Slab Super Family [36 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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