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Sanstone [20 Fonts]

Sanstone [20 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Sanstone [20 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

This sans-serif face has 9 weights, all with italics. The two heaviest weights have jumbled versions as well, which could be handy for display and poster work.
There’s lots of Open Type features, which are given below, and they are also included in the Instructions PDF which is intended to be downloaded from the gallery.

OPEN TYPE Features included in this font are —————————
• Standard Ligatures will produce the ligature character for
ff fi fj fl fu ffi ffj ffl ffu
and also the special characters for these combinations (include the parentheses where indicated)
Mc (C) (c) (R) (r) (P) (p) (TM) ™ c/o No.
[which are Scottish Mc copyright registered published TradeMark care-of Numero] • Stylistic Alternates should give you different characters for
f j fj ffj – hyphen ¬ logical-not Ü Udieresis © copyright ® registered
~ asciitilde «»‹› all 4 guillemots all 4 quote-marks, single and double, left and right all parentheses and braces {}() , comma
and bullet numbers instead of standard numbers
brackets left+right [] ____ will give __ a pair of wifi-symbols
numbers 0 to 9 ___ will give __ bullet numbers, i.e. white numbers in a big black circle
unicode2117 ___ will give __ a different Published sign
• Ornaments will likewise give you bullet numbers instead of standard numbers, and lower-case letters as an ending with a dot underneath, and a different asciitilde.
• Discretionary Ligatures should give special characters for St. Rd. c/o No. Mc (Scottish Mc) and a slashed zero for zero, and (P) (p) will give the special character for Published.
• zero will change zero to a slashed zero
• There’s also Superscript and Subscript for numbers. and some letters.
• Kerning, of course, which will be Class Kerning to include accented characters
There’s a full set of accented characters for Western, Central and Eastern European languages that use Latin letters, with acute, breve, caron, cedilla, circumflex, comma-accent, dieresis, dot-accent, hungarian-umlaut, grave, macron, ogonek, ring, and tilde being the accents utilised.

Fonts Included:

Sanstone 01 Regular Italic
Sanstone 01 Regular
Sanstone 02 Semi Bold Italic
Sanstone 02 Semi Bold
Sanstone 03 Demi Bold Italic
Sanstone 03 Demi Bold
Sanstone 04 Bold Italic
Sanstone 04 Bold
Sanstone 05 Heavy Italic
Sanstone 05 Heavy
Sanstone 06 Extra Heavy Italic
Sanstone 06 Extra Heavy
Sanstone 07 Black Italic
Sanstone 07 Black
Sanstone 08 Fat Italic
Sanstone 08 Fat
Sanstone 09 Ultra Italic
Sanstone 09 Ultra
Sanstone 98 Fat Jumbled
Sanstone 99 Ultra Jumbled


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