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Santa’s Pen [4 Fonts]

Santa'S Pen [4 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Santa'S Pen [4 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Santa’s Pen was designed for use in applications that allow you to stack layers. This way, with only 4 layers, you can create these playful, colorful Santas to spell out your christmas wishes for you. Santa’s Pen is the special Christmas edition of Chameleon Pen. By default all capitals and numbers are acrobatically represented by Santas. By simply turning on or off stylistic set 1 (if your application supports this open type feature) you can toggle between the Santa version and the handwritten version of those glyphs.

Fonts Included:

Santa’s Pen White
Santa’s Pen Red
Santa’s Pen Skin
Santa’s Pen Outline


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