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Hi Folks! This new font, Sanzio, is an experiment of sorts. I am not a calligrapher, but I am a type designer and an artist, and I have decent handwriting, so I took a brush and some india ink and wrote a lot of fast paced scripts. I did continuous runs of the lowercase, picked one I liked, cut it apart and made the connections work between most glyphs. There were no capitals, so I scaled up the lowercase and fiddled with the weight and some design components to provide a seudo-uppercase. The result is Sanzio. Since I didn’t quite fill out the standard character set, and there are no drawn caps, I thought the price point should be low.

Sanzio does have some initial and final glyphs, and a host of ligatures. The OpenType contextual substitutions are buried in the Ligature feature, so the font should work automatically in Adobe CS, TextEdit and even newer versions of Word, when OpenType is enabled.

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