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Screen Sans [14 Fonts]

Screen Sans [14 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Screen Sans [14 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Screen Sans is a large family of constructed-style sans serif fonts. These fonts feature forms that look like those that have been favored by engineers for over a century. Their letters are straight-sided, and the strokes that make them up are monolinear. The Screen Sans family includes 14 members. Seven of these fonts are italics, although these italic fonts should really be called ‘obliques,’ as the letters are slanted versions of what you’ll find in the upright fonts. The family’s weights range from Extralight through Extrabold. The x-height is moderate, so the ascenders and the descenders are quite prominent. The ascenders rise above the capital letters and the numerals – both of which share the same height. Each font uses a double-storey ‘a’ and single-storey ‘g’. Years ago, fonts like Screen Sans were primarily used to brand firms in engineering and tech. Recently, however, they have become increasingly popular solutions for setting text on screen. The Regular weight of this family would be excellent for setting body copy either on screen or in print. The other weights can be used for text sizes, too, but will function even better when used large. Screen Sans was designed by Jeremie Hornus and Ilya Naumoff.

Fonts Included:

Screen Sans Bold
Screen Sans BoldItalic
Screen Sans ExtLtItaralight
Screen Sans ExtraBold
Screen Sans ExtraBoldItalic
Screen Sans ExtraLightralight
Screen Sans Italic
Screen Sans Light
Screen Sans LightItalic
Screen Sans Medium
Screen Sans MediumItalic
Screen Sans Regular
Screen Sans Thin
Screen Sans ThinItalic


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