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The Shire Types Pro [6 Fonts]

The Shire Types Pro [6 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


The Shire Types are a collection of six typefaces inspired by a time when England’s midland counties were changing. A time when parts of rural England changed the plough for the steam hammer and the shire horse for the steam engine. The resulting Shire Types bring together a heavy, solid notion of the Industrial Revolution mixed with ideas about specific localities. The individual typefaces take their names from six of the Shires that are grouped together around the Black Country and neighbouring rural areas.

The concept behind The Shire Types was to create a dense black letterform that would make a dark, tight textural mass when set. Inspiration for the basic shapes came from the Grotesque and Egyptian lettering styles of the nineteenth century, from examples of lettering cast in iron, painted on locomotives, shop fascias and street nameplates. All these things display the wealth of invention and diversity of lettering artists throughout Britain. The vigour and robustness of these forms belie their beauty. Once commonplace, many examples have now gone, these letterforms having fallen out of favour. The intent here was not to pastiche but to revitalise. Reinvigorated letterforms are combined with a series of visual interpretations of the Shires based upon position, industry, dialect, history and countryside.

There are no ascenders or descenders in The Shire Types, accented characters shrink to fit the character height and capital letters mix happily with their less stately comrades; it is a classless and caseless system. The resulting word shapes from this linguistic interaction can be both eccentric and interesting or plainly bold, all hybrids of a familiar typescape.

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