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Signature Script Modern Handwriting [3 Fonts]

Signature Script Modern Handwriting [3 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Signaturescript-O []

Signature Script is Modern Handwriting Font that available in 3 weights.

“Hairline (Normal)” – “Bold” – And “Extra Bold”

340 glyphs included, suitable for Your modern design, branding or logo, signature online, advertising design, poster, blog title, invitation and many more.

If you are Photoshop or Office user, You can use the alternative letters by “Select the part of the text that you want”, then Change the font alternative via font combobox.
If you are using Opentype Savvy Program such us Adobe Illustrator, InDesign etc, You can just install the main fonts, then alternative letters can be accessed on Glyph panel.

TIPS: To get the best and most unique result, Combine SignatureScript with SignatureScriptAlt and Swashes.

08.Sept.2015 update: Update on SignatureScript.ttf, SignatureScriptBold.ttf SignatureScriptExtraBold.ttf:

Add accent letters to western, central european and turkish alphabets.
Fix i dotlessi.

If you have any feedback don’t hesitate to tell us. Hope You like it :)

Thank You!

Fonts Included:

Signature Script
Signature Script Bold
Signature Script Extra Bold


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