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Stripated [4 Fonts]

Stripated [4 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


Stripated is an informal funky font mainly for distinctive headlines and posters, or similar display work. There’s still all the features you’d expect like Class Kerning and accented characters, ligatures for ffi, ffl and so on, and a few other extras.

The four versions are set up as follows: Plain has all the letters and black stripes in the normal vertical alignment; Jumbled One has the lower case letters all jiggled about but the boxes still square and vertical; Jumbled Two has ALL letters, numbers, and virtually all punctuation jumbled up; and Wild has all that and the black boxes going slightly off square as well.

There’s 3 different Space characters and a few other character variations in Stylistic Alternates (fuller details in the zip).

Fonts Included:

Stripated Plain
Stripated Wild
Stripated Jumbled One
Stripated Jumbled Two


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