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Suez [3 Fonts]

Suez [3 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Suez [3 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

SUEZ is a very special »Egyptienne« style font with extra long ascenders and descenders. It comes in three weights Extra Light, Normal and Extra Bold. Because of its unique design with the long descenders and ascenders this font should not be used for long copy. The new font has a distinct Artdeco touch to it. It will give that extra touch to your business-cards, invitations and labels of all kinds. Forget that decorative handwriting, SUEZ will be a much more individualistic choice. Since it is an »Egyptienne« it had to get an Egyptian name, hence SUEZ. All the gods names were already taken. Enjoy!

Fonts Included:

Suez Normal
Suez Extra Light
Suez Extra Bold


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