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Tabac Super Family [32 Fonts]

Tabac Super Family [32 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Tabac Super Family [32 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

The Tabac type system is a static typeface with modern shapes and distinct, wedge-shaped serifs. It is primarily designed for the setting of newspapers, magazines and books.

Tabac boasts great variability in terms of letter weight in all of its styles. Each style works as a font of its own, featuring the full set of glyphs. The styles may be combined depending on the user; the choice of text and title face thus depends fully on the designer’s own taste, on the needs of the readers and the technologies of printing in use.

Publisher: Suitcase Type Foundry

Fonts Included:

Tabac G1 Bold Italic
Tabac G1 Bold
Tabac G1 Italic
Tabac G1 Medium Italic
Tabac G1 Medium
Tabac G1 SemiBold Italic
Tabac G1 SemiBold
Tabac G1
Tabac G2 Bold Italic
Tabac G2 Bold
Tabac G2 Italic
Tabac G2 Medium Italic
Tabac G2 Medium
Tabac G2 SemiBold Italic
Tabac G2 SemiBold
Tabac G2
Tabac G3 Bold Italic
Tabac G3 Bold
Tabac G3 Italic
Tabac G3 Medium Italic
Tabac G3 Medium
Tabac G3 SemiBold Italic
Tabac G3 SemiBold
Tabac G3
Tabac G4 Bold Italic
Tabac G4 Bold
Tabac G4 Italic
Tabac G4 Medium Italic
Tabac G4 Medium Regular
Tabac G4 Regular
Tabac G4 SemiBold Italic
Tabac G4 SemiBold Regular


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Tabac Super Family [32 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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