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Tecla Super Family [8 Fonts]

Tecla Super Family [8 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Tecla:

Tecla is a type family inspired by Printype, a typeface developed in the early twentieth century for the Oliver Typewriter, “a new creation in typewriter type, whose beauty, readability and attention-value have captivated the public”. Despite the exaggeration, the intentions of Printype were very clear, they wanted a typeface that would resemble print.

Tecla is our homage to this “virtually book-type”, a monospaced type family, in four weights and matching italics, that reflects the refinement, distinction and life of the golden age of typewriters.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

  1. Tecla Bold
  2. Tecla Bold Italic
  3. Tecla Light
  4. Tecla Light Italic
  5. Tecla Medium
  6. Tecla Medium Italic
  7. Tecla Thin
  8. Tecla Thin Italic

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