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TT Octas [10 Fonts]

Tt Octas [10 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


TT Octas is a narrowly proportioned fontfamily built upon the principle of octagonal forms: all circles in this fontfamily are actually octagons. Thanks to small serifs, TT Octas has a saturated and vintage character to it. Simple depiction of the letters and the serifs make the family easily readable even in the smallest sizes.

Narrow proportions allow for positioning of large text arrays even in small text fields. This fontfamily is well fitted for brand visual identity and product labeling as well as for all digital media, such as web interfaces and gameplays. It is also great for mobile apps’ interfaces.

Fonts Included:

TT Octas Black
TT Octas Black Italic
TT Octas Bold
TT Octas Bold Italic
TT Octas Italic
TT Octas Light
TT Octas Light Italic
TT Octas Regular
TT Octas Thin
TT Octas Thin Italic


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