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Tusar [32 Fonts]

Tusar [32 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Tusar [32 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Slavoboj Tusar was the brother of Czech prime minister during the First republic period. He was very much involved in advertising and graphic design and well known among literary community in Prague in 20s and 30s of the 20th century. His only typeface “Tusarova antikva” was made in 1924-5 for Wiener’s “Boulevard” rare book, which was exhibited in Paris on the Expisition des artes decoratifs, along with Preissig’s and Svolinsky’s books. Tusar’s metal alphabet was deliberately destroyed after the book was printed – so was bibliophile’s habit then… It has a very fine Art-Deco touch, combining straight and rounded shapes located in separate font styles. Very suitable for rare books, poetry and short novels.

Fonts Included:

Tusar Bold
Tusar BoldItalic
Tusar Deco
Tusar DecoBold
Tusar DecoBoldItalic
Tusar DecoItalic
Tusar DecoText
Tusar DecoTextBold
Tusar DecoTextBoldItalic
Tusar DecoTextItalic
Tusar Italic
Tusar OSF
Tusar OSFBold
Tusar OSFBoldItalic
Tusar OSFItalic
Tusar SC
Tusar SCBold
Tusar SCBoldItalic
Tusar SCItalic
Tusar Text
Tusar TextBold
Tusar TextBoldItalic
Tusar TextItalic
Tusar TextOSF
Tusar TextOSFBold
Tusar TextOSFBoldItalic
Tusar TextOSFItalic
Tusar TextSC
Tusar TextSCBold
Tusar TextSCBoldItalic
Tusar TextSCItalic

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Tusar [32 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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