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The team responsible for Unai went beyond the creation of a source, they created a family! In fact, a tribe, as the team prefers. The Unai was conceived after the development of a list of concepts and issues of common interest. From there they plunged into a complex research that were explored writing systems of pre-Columbian indigenous communities to a relationship with an aesthetic related to extraterrestrial beings. The result is a rustic and very beautiful family, with a good amount of possible applications. Native is the initial, textured version. The Regular features design resembling Native but without the slots. Finally, Lines proposes a light version of the source.

Team Development:
– Attila Oliveira
– JP Martins
– Paulo Filho
– Karol Fleet

Note: Source developed as a final project for Digital Typography in experiments discipline under the guidance of prof. Eduardo Novais.

Fonts Included:

Unai Regular
Unai Lines
Unai Native


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