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Valet Pro [1 Font]

Valet Pro [1 Font] | The Fonts Master

Valet Pro [1 Font] | The Fonts Master

Valet Pro is deco moderne the way it was meant to be: Big, bold, classy, flashy, and clean at the seams. Its message is rich, strong, confident and reliable. Valet tells you that it’s used to thorns being part of every rose, that it can handle sharp objects just fine, and that it’d much prefer buying the tuxedo rather than renting it.

This font grew out of an uncredited early 1970s all-cap film type called Expression. An appropriate deco lowercase was added, along with small caps, zippy titling caps, and Pan-European language support. At over 920 glyphs in this font, we bow our heads in admission that we kind of got carried away with it.

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Valet Pro


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