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Vectora Super Family [24 Fonts]

Vectora Super Family [24 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Vectora Super Family [24 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Vectora is a contemporary sans serif designed by Adrian Frutiger for Linotype-Hell in 1991.

It brings a consistency of letter shape and design to traditional Gothic forms that was not achievable in hot metal technology. Frutiger’s typefaces are endowed with a certain elegance and Vectora is no exception: it has a simple line, a large x-height, and slightly condensed forms.

Vectora is an all-purpose typeface that is suitable for text and display work and anything in between.

Fonts Included:

Vectora 45 Light Italic
Vectora 45 Light
Vectora 55 Roman
Vectora 56 Italic
Vectora 75 Bold
Vectora 76 Bold Italic
Vectora 95 Black
Vectora 96 Black Italic
Vectora Com 45 Light
Vectora Com 46 Light Italic
Vectora Com 55 Roman
Vectora Com 56 Italic
Vectora Com 75 Bold
Vectora Com 76 Bold Italic
Vectora Com 95 Black
Vectora Com 96 Black Italic
Vectora Pro 45 Light
Vectora Pro 46 Light Italic
Vectora Pro 55 Roman
Vectora Pro 56 Italic
Vectora Pro 75 Bold
Vectora Pro 76 Bold Italic
Vectora Pro 95 Black
Vectora Pro 96 Black Italic


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Vectora Super Family [24 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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