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Venn Super Family [27 Fonts]

Venn Super Family [27 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Venn has been designed to respond to the typographic needs of the most demanding brands and users, with 25 styles from Light Condensed to ExtraBold Extended. This range allows designers to choose the right style in print, web, or app.

Venn is our first font family to be distributed as a variable font – a single file containing all 25 weights, plus every possible weight in between. The variable font version of Venn is called Venn VF.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

Venn VF Wght
Venn VF WghtWdth
Venn Condensed Light
Venn Condensed Regular
Venn Condensed Medium
Venn Condensed Bold
Venn Condensed XBold
Venn Extended Light
Venn Extended Regular
Venn Extended Medium
Venn Extended Bold
Venn Extended XBold
Venn Light
Venn Regular
Venn Medium
Venn Bold
Venn XBold
Venn SemiCondensed Light
Venn SemiCondensed Regular
Venn SemiCondensed Medium
Venn SemiCondensed Bold
Venn SemiCondensed XBold
Venn SemiExtended Light
Venn SemiExtended Regular
Venn SemiExtended Medium
Venn SemiExtended Bold
Venn SemiExtended XBold


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Venn Super Family [27 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


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