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Verlag Super Family [30 Fonts]

Verlag Super Family [30 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Verlag Super Family [30 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

From out of the six typefaces originally created for the Guggenheim Museum comes Verlag, a family of 30 sans serifs that brings a welcome eloquence to the can-do sensibility of pre-war Modernism.

Verlag, the affable Modernist.
Originally envisioned as a riff on the Guggenheim’s iconic Art Deco lettering, Verlag developed into its own family of versatile typefaces in order to suit the needs of a modern identity program. Because the fonts would ultimately represent a range of individual artistic voices — from Cézanne to Kandinsky to Matthew Barney — Verlag was carefully planned so that its distinct personality would be checked by a sense of objectivity.

From the rationalist geometric designs of the Bauhaus school, such as Futura (1927) and Erbar (1929), Verlag gets its crispness and its meticulous planning. Verlag’s “fairminded” quality is rooted in the newsier sans serifs designed for linecasting machines, such as Ludlow Tempo and Intertype Vogue (both 1930), both staples of the Midwestern newsroom for much of the century. But unlike any of its forbears, Verlag includes a comprehensive and complete range of styles: five weights, each in three different widths, each including the often-neglected companion italic.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

Verlag Black Italic
Verlag Black
Verlag Bold Italic
Verlag Bold
Verlag Book Italic
Verlag Book
Verlag Compressed Black Italic
Verlag Compressed Black
Verlag Compressed Bold Italic
Verlag Compressed Bold
Verlag Compressed Book Italic
Verlag Compressed Book
Verlag Compressed Extra Light Italic
Verlag Compressed Extra Light
Verlag Compressed Light Italic
Verlag Compressed Light
Verlag Condensed Black Italic
Verlag Condensed Black
Verlag Condensed Bold Italic
Verlag Condensed Bold
Verlag Condensed Book Italic
Verlag Condensed Book
Verlag Condensed Extra Light Italic
Verlag Condensed Extra Light
Verlag Condensed Light Italic
Verlag Condensed Light
Verlag Extra Light Italic
Verlag Extra Light
Verlag Light Italic
Verlag LightVerlag Light


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Verlag Super Family [30 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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