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Vintage Price Tags JNL [1 Font]

Vintage Price Tags Jnl [1 Font] | The Fonts Master

About Vintage Price Tags JNL:

Vintage Price Tags JNL comprises three sets of numbers in both ribbon, circle and star patterns which, when combined will produce point-of-sale price elements.

The designs were re-drawn from examples found in an old wood type catalog, and are now collected in digital format.

Ribbon-style numbers are found on the upper case keys. A through J have the large numbers, K through T are the smaller, underlined numbers. The remaining upper case keys contain the dollar sign, cents sign and the phrases “each”, “for”, “dozen” and “pair”.

On the lower case, the circle set of combination numbers are on the following keystrokes:

The keys a through j are the left side semi-circle numbers and the “k” key is a blank left side semi-circle. The l through u keys are the right side semicircle numbers and the “v” keystroke is a blank right side semi-circle.

The star set is on the standard numbers keys for the left side of the star, with the right side characters on the corresponding shift keystrokes for the number keys.

In following the original design examples, a cents sign follows the numbers on the right side of the circle or star sets.

The lower case w through z contain a left side star blank, a left side star with $1, a right side star blank and a right side star with small double zeros (to comprise a star shaped price tag for $1.00).

Fonts included:

  1. Vintage Price Tags JNL

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Vintage Price Tags Jnl

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