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Wave [1 Font]

Wave [1 Font] | The Fonts Master

Wave [1 Font] | The Fonts Master

WAVE is characterized by curved lines and intricate details. Each character was individually made in Illustrator and Type Tool using my original illustrations. Wave is a decorative font best used for titles or short bursts of texts in large point settings. The typeface is based on the uppercase letterforms, but I have also created lowercase letters, numbers, and glyphs. The motion lines used in the making of Wave mirror an art deco-style. Inspired by an illustration of a large wave, I was fascinated that by using only lines and solid colors we as artists can depict the translucency and ever-changing movement of waves.

I began by delicately sketching out all of the letters using graph paper and micron pens. My work always begins with traditional media. I’m an illustrator, freelance artist, and graphic designer from Chicago, IL. I studied at Texas Christian University, and received my Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design from Columbia College Chicago.

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