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Weissenhof Grotesk [8 Fonts]

Weissenhof Grotesk [8 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

190431 []

Weissenhof Grotesk is a constructed geometric sans serif from Stefanie Schwarz and Dirk Wachowiak – two designers from Stuttgart, where the Weissenhofsiedlung, or Weissenhof Estate, was built in 1927. Their family ships with four weights, each of which has an italic. The typeface’s letterforms are inspired by modern architectural features, such as curves combining with straight segments. The straight-sided “o”, for instance, acts as a pattern for many other letters. Weissenhof Grotesk features monolinear strokes and a good amount of contrast between the stroke thickness of each weight. Its letter proportions tend toward equalisation, without becoming monospaced. The corners of each stroke’s endings are rounded-off.

Fonts Included:

Weissenhof Grotesk Bold
Weissenhof Grotesk Bold Italic
Weissenhof Grotesk Light
Weissenhof Grotesk Light Italic
Weissenhof Grotesk Medium
Weissenhof Grotesk Medium Italic
Weissenhof Grotesk Regular
Weissenhof Grotesk Regular Italic


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