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YWFT Bit [7 Fonts]

Ywft Bit [7 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Ywft Bit

YWFT Bit was originally hewn from raw pixels in 1998, then mastered to working format in 2003. You may think YWFT Bit is your typical bitmap affair, but oh, how wrong you would be. With its variety of weights, and unique differences in line widths, YWFT Bit explores new ground in the pixel genre. For heavy masculine headlines, use the ExtraBold version to inflate the Pookas.. For a more unique, slender setting, set your message with the thin weight and Avoid Spikes. YWFT Bit was converted to Opentype format in 2010, and was formerly known as Praun.

Fonts Included:

YWFT Bit Bold
YWFT Bit Extra Bold
YWFT Bit Extra Light
YWFT Bit Light
YWFT Bit Regular
YWFT Bit Semi Bold
YWFT Bit Thin


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