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YWFT Cam [8 Fonts]

Ywft Cam [8 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Ywft Cam []

It ain’t good for some fonts to live too long, pilgrim. That’s why YWFT Cam was designed, as a fresh and unique wood-type typeface option for designers. YWFT Cam is a uni-case typeface design but also uses the lowercase to offer alternate design options for your project. The overall style contains a woodblock feel but can be used in more elegant and fashionable projects as well. YWFT Cam was converted to opentype format in 2010.

Fonts Included:

YWFT Cam Oblique
YWFT Cam Bold
YWFT Cam Bold Oblique
YWFT Cam Extra Bold
YWFT Cam Extra Bold Oblique
YWFT Cam Light
YWFT Cam Light Oblique


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