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YWFT Pakt [10 Fonts]

Ywft Pakt [10 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


YWFT Pakt is a condensed, sans-serif typeface consisting of ten different weights. While the design of YWFT Pakt is conservative, serious and authoritative, it still manages to maintain that fresh feeling that more venerable names just don’t have. Great attention to detail means it works well not only for headlines, but also for body content in magazines, presentations and books. When you’re looking for a font with style, impact and power, look no further than this beautiful type family, which works very well for projects within the corporate, fashion and advertising sectors. YWFT Pakt was converted to Opentype format in 2010.

Fonts Included:

YWFT Pakt Black
YWFT Pakt Bold
YWFT Pakt Condensed Black
YWFT Pakt Condensed Bold
YWFT Pakt Condensed Extrabold
YWFT Pakt Condensed Regular
YWFT Pakt Condensed Semibold
YWFT Pakt Extrabold
YWFT Pakt Regular
YWFT Pakt Semibold


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