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YWFT Trisect [8 Fonts]

Ywft Trisect [8 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


The visual design of YWFT Trisect was inspired by retro soccer/football jerseys and their triple line, number style. We spent many years in the early 90‘s dreaming of creating this face, but each attempt brought on numerous challenges until we finally achieved a working version around 1998-1999. Multiple clients and customers have used YWFT Trisect since its inception in 1999, including Architecture Magazine, MTV (on air), Wired Magazine, Computer Arts Magazine, the hat store Lidz (signage), along with numerous other companies. YWFT Trisect was converted to opentype format in 2010.

Fonts Included:

YWFT Trisect Black
YWFT Trisect Bold
YWFT Trisect Extrabold
YWFT Trisect Extralight
YWFT Trisect Light
YWFT Trisect Regular
YWFT Trisect Thin


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