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Zahrah [10 Fonts]

Zahrah [10 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

187300 []

This multi-purpose text face for the Latin script comes from Yoann Minet, a Paris-based designer. It includes some whimsical details, which liven up even the most serious of texts. Zahrah is a Didone-style serif in ten styles: five upright weights and companion italics. Didone types are characterised by strong visual difference between the weight of the letters’ thick stroke and thin strokes. Didones also feature clarity and geometric simplification not found in type based on older, Renaissance models. Didone faces are used for a wide variety of applications: from fashion or cosmetic labels to newspaper text, and from academic publications to the annual reports of Fortune 500 companies. They may be selected for almost anything – and there’s no reason they shouldn’t shape the text of your newest websites or apps.

Fonts Included:

Zahrah Bold
Zahrah Bold Italic
Zahrah Light
Zahrah Light Italic
Zahrah Medium
Zahrah Medium Italic
Zahrah Regular
Zahrah Regular Italic
Zahrah Semibold
Zahrah Semibold Italic


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