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Zocalo Text [12 Fonts]

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Zocalo Text

Eduardo Danilo’s dramatic redesign of El Universal, a leading Mexico City daily, introduced Cyrus Highsmith’s Zócalo.

The original text, and display series was tuned for distinct character frequency and repetition when set in Spanish.

Nicholas Kis’s oldstyle and Chauncey Griffith’s classic newsface Ionic No. 5 inspired the sturdy text while the “energetic character of Mexico City” influenced the display.

Among other uses, Zócalo Text is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine and Custom use.

Zócalo Text is provided as premium OpenType fonts with professional OT layout features, including both lining & oldstyle figures and small caps, plus extended language support.

Fonts Included:

Zocalo Text Bold
Zocalo Text Bold Italic
Zocalo Text Bold Italic SC
Zocalo Text Bold SC
Zocalo Text Italic
Zocalo Text Italic SC
Zocalo TextL Bold
Zocalo TextL Bold Italic
Zocalo TextL Italic
Zocalo TextL Regular
Zocalo Text Regular
Zocalo Text Regular SC


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