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Zooja [7 Fonts]

Zooja [7 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


Sassy and playful, Zooja™ brings lots of personality and fun stuff to the party. Both Zooja and Zooja Light have alternates for every capital and lowercase letter (that automatically swap in for consecutive characters courtesy of the OpenType ligature feature). Zooja Elements & Borders has 90+ fun decorative doodads, borders and corners that play well with the fonts. Zooja Catchwords has 60+ hand drawn word glyphs and Zooja Banners & Patterns has 17 repeatable patterns and 50+ banner and frame elements to help pull it all together.

Fonts Included:

Zooja Banners and Patterns
Zooja Catchwords
Zooja Elements and Borders
Zooja Light
Zooja Light Pro
Zooja Pro


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