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Font Super Families usually have three SUPER characteristics:


Containing more than 20 fonts, sometimes even more than 60 or 70 and even more than 100!


Containing many versions of the same fonts (for example serif, sans-serif, italic, bold, calligraphic, condensed, expanded etc.), and usually carrying lots of OpenType features, like additional ligatures, various figure sets, small caps, stylistic alternates.


Costing more than $100, some even get as high as $600-$700 and others manage to go even higher.

Google adds:

A superfamily is a set of typefaces—sans and serif designs for example, or regular, slab, and rounded variations—that are crafted to work together in close harmony. In contrast to pairing typefaces from different font families, superfamilies are often used when more visual cohesion is needed. UX designers might deploy a superfamily to delineate UI text (menus, tooltips) from editorial content (headlines, body copy), and to create a consistent tone with clear hierarchy, across an app or website.

Here on we do our best and manage to get many of these Super Families for you.

We offer each of these Super Families to any of you interested in them, at a tiny fraction of their actual cost! This will come in the form of a donation of $25 (for Super Families up to $500), $50 (for Super Families between $500-$1000) or $100 (for Super Families that cost more than $1000) towards TheFontsMaster, and will also help keep the site up and running, and bringing you all these amazing fonts!

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1. In the Super Families font posts, you will see this image at the bottom:

Font Super Families | The Fonts Master

2. You will just have to click this image and make your donation via PayPal.

3. Your donation will carry the name of the Super Family.

4. In under 24 hours we will send you the Super Family directly to your email (the one provided in the donation info).

5. You will now have the Super Family you needed!

Don’t forget that you can always Contact Us for any questions or suggestions!

Thank you.

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